Jola Wilk



London: Espacio Gallery (23-29 March 2015)- Tangible Dynamics (Solo Exhibition)

Miami: The Miami Art Expo (19-26 June 2015)

New York: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (28 August- 6 October 2015)

London: Chrome Art- ‘TRIBE’ (4-6 September 2015)

Born in Krosno (Poland) in 1962. From a young age my artistic and creative qualities began to surface. I was always interested in the arts and crafts and everything to do with hand made things. In 1977 I attended Art School in Tarnow where I studied Art and Design for 5 years which included subjects like sculpting, drawing, painting, but mainly designing and weaving carpets. I achieved a Diploma in Carpet Weaving and Design. From 1986-1995, I was employed as a glass and box designer in Krosno SA Glass Factory. Following this period, I started travelling the world and finally settled in London in 2005 where I still am now.
My various life and travelling experiences have initiated my inner passion, love and creativity for art and I have started once again to produce works of art that I could not do whilst travelling.
My current abstract acrylic and oil paintings also give people that sense of my travelling experiences. I tend to recreate my life, my feelings, my experiences and my moods through my work and put all of my energy into the piece of art I work on. I work with many colours (sometimes rather aggressive) as well as incorporating materials to give texture and 3D effects.
My vision of art has flourished throughout the years and my colourful life that has now calmed down has instigated me to reflect and recreate it on canvas to give something back of my life to society.
Furthermore, I also am involved with abstract photography which enables me to become more innovative and closer to nature. This hobby helps to create more interest and ideas for my works.
The excitement that builds up within me whilst working on my projects, enables me to progress more and motivates me to work harder to become recognised within the world of art and artists and those who understand and have a creative side to their life.